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28th March 2014
propane tanker trailer
HOS propane waiver extended

In a move displaying little confidence that winter’s grip on the US will fade anytime soon, the FMCSA’s temporary HOS waivers have been extended for [...]

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Lottery winners always seem to drive trucks

It’s happened again. Another trucker has won the lottery. Seriously, why does it seem like they are always winning? It’s not fair. Yet again, Tony [...]

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25th March 2014
minimum wage
Minimum wage hype is only a political weapon

Just in time for election season, hype over raising the federal minimum wage has mysteriously become of interest once again. As usual, the current focus [...]

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21st March 2014
Wyoming speed limit
Wyoming Considering 80 MPH

I can’t drive 75 Given the vast stretches of rural roads and highways in Wyoming, the state’s DOT is actively considering increasing the speed limit [...]

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20th March 2014
kllm driving academy
KLLM – Class In Session

KLLM Transport Service recently announced a new partnership with Hinds Community College to offer a truck driver training program. The Southern Association of Colleges and Schools [...]

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